SASva Virtual Airlines
Bringing virtual simulation to the next level.
SASva Virtual Airlines
Bringing virtual simulation to the next level.
Bringing creativity and passion to the virtual simulation space

SASva was not setup to be come the biggest virtual airline but with the aim of being one of the best. Aiming on allowing users to simulate as much as they feel comfortable doing. Fly offline? no problem. Flying on VATSIM and want fully generated OFP's? We have you covered. Our goal is to allow any simmer the experience of flying SAS's schedules and routes.

Our staff team are always available to help and answer any questions you might have.

Discord powered community

SASva uses discord to connect pilots and create a true community feel within our Virtual Airline. Discord is a free application that can be downloaded by anyone. Our discord is completely public, allowing both pilots and guests to interact with this community.

We have also created bots to help automate tasks and provide pilots with additional tools they can use. Such as METAR reports, ATIS information from VATSIM, photo competitions and so on.

Custom ACARs

SASva has developed a standalone desktop application which our pilots use to track flights, access checklist and a whole range of our other utilities.

These have all been designed with SASva's streamlined approach which aims to create fast responsive applications which you the latest standards available.

vEuroBonus Scheme

vEuroBonus is a virtual currency which pilots earn by flying and being a part of SASva. Earn enough points and these can be redeemed on real world simulator product discounts and rewards.

Roster Generator

Struggling to decide where to fly? Our roster generator can provide you with flights with up to 20 different stops along the way to get you flying.

SimBrief Integration

The Crew Center is fully linked to SimBrief, allowing our pilots to generate accurate OFPs (Flight plans).

Pilot Utilities

We provide an range of tools for pilots to take full advantage of. An example of this would be our weather radar embedded within the website. Pilots also have access to up-to-date METARs, TAFs and NOTAMs of airports they visit.

Training Center

Our training center allows pilots to gain additional skills on airplanes and other operations which they might not already know. Pilots will receive awards and type ratings in return.

Updated Routes

The Staff team is constantly maintaining and updating the routes and schedules to ensure pilots are always flying with up to date information and procedures.

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